The 1st Ever Hybrid Event Virtual Treasure Hunt & Virtual Team Building

Corporate Virtual Treasure Hunt Program

With social distancing measures being taken around the globe, we at FGNC Events Group made a platform shift from being primarily in-person events, to almost exclusively virtual and interactive remote team virtual scavenger hunt events. Virtual Team Hunts or virtual treasure hunts are a great way to keep members of a community connected with each other when face-to-face gatherings aren’t possible. This will be a highly interactive virtual team-building activity for remote workers located in different parts of the world or in office employees who cannot socialize physically. This will be a new and unique way to keep team members engaged while working from home or event at work.

What Is The Virtual Team Hunt

  • Virtual Team Hunt is a very engaging team event where individuals work in a group from different location or in-office to solve cryptic clues in real time event.
  • This group activity also makes teams or individual players compete to reach hunt locations, complete team task and solve riddles on a on clues given via Google Forms.
  • This event will be a 100% fully facilitated activity by the FGNC Events Team. The participants can use any Lap Tops , Tablets, Personal Computer and even Hand phones to be engaged in this interactive event from wherever they are.

Why It Is Important To Organize These Types Of Event

With recent global pandemic and economic down turn, many of the workforce have been demotivated. The long lockdown and working from home without any team members fun engagement, would have totally altered the companies values and working culture. These would have given rise to few negative atmosphere:

  • Lack of interaction and communication
  • Decreasing of team values and appreciation
  • Non-existence of team play and accountability
  • Feeling of over-worked and trapped with mundane routine
  • Continuously drowned with stressful situation working from home

How The Virtual Team Hunt Can Improve Your Members

By organizing a highly interactive and engaging virtual team building event like this will boost your team members morale and uplift the working culture. Among other great values that can be experienced are like:

  • Harnessing amazing team work at workplace
  • Making them to think out of the box and be an instant problem solve
  • Boost team morale and get them excited to be back on track
  • Avoid complaints of boredom and nothing exciting is happening
  • Get the team totally engaged with some fun and effective event
  • Appreciate the company for creating an awesome fun opportunity


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Join the Virtual Hunt, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Can be participated remotely from any location.
  • Event can be activated any day and any time chosen by the clients.
  • Can be participated up to 1000 participants in a single event.
  • Ideal team size 4-5 members per team.

Device Friendly & Safe

  • Works effectively and easily on any device.
  • For a better viewing and hunting experience, laptops, tablets and PC recommended.
  • No downloads of any foreign applications for security reason.
    Very minimum usage of internet data.

Easy to Participate & Use

  • A simple to use methodology is customized to organize this event.
  • It is totally safe in terms technology and can be easily adopted in any environment.
  • Teams can use any conferencing platform like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Meet, WebEx or others which is allowable in clients workplace.


Event Preparation & Execution Flow Summary

Choose an event date and appoint FGNC Events. Register the participations using FGNC templet. Event order will be sent. A special team will be assigned to manage your event from this time.

Event invitation will be sent out to all participants. Information about the event and how to participate will be shared. There will be a helpline activated for any clarifications.

On the event day participants will be invited to a zoom link. Detailed briefing on event will be explained. Once exit zoom, participants will re-connect to start the Team Hunt. Event start time given here.

During the Team Hunt there will be series of Team Building Task incorporated into the event. Teams need to complete the missions to proceed to next level of the hunt trail.

Upon submission of the answers and task, another link and time will be given for debriefing and answer presentations. Fun moments and pictures of task will be shared for teams’ learning purpose.

At the end of the answer presentation, FGNC chief facilitator will announce the winners and team points will be reveled here in an exciting way. End Of Event! Everyone To Charis A Memorable Time.




We will conduct a detailed briefing prior to the Virtual Event. Sample clues and live demo will be done during this tutorial. This will make sure all the participants will have a clear understanding how the event is conducted. Besides these, we will also provide step by step guides on how to enjoy the event by all participants.

On the event day: As this is a fully facilitated event, FGNC Virtual Team will manage the entire event from the start to the end. There will also be an active Call Center and Helpline throughout the event to support the participants.

Getting Started: Once all teams are ready, the Hunt Master will publish the QR Code and Virtual Hunt Link. Upon scanning the QR code or clicking the link – the participants can immediately join in the Virtual Hunt.

Let The Hunt Begin: This is where the excitement starts – The link will lead them to a mystery location in Google Maps and it could be at any part of the world. Now the participants will log in to the Google Forms and based on the Virtual Hunt Clues, they will start exploring hunt to solve the cryptic clues and answer it in the forms.


Virtual Hunt Trails The Virtual Hunt Trails will be specially designed for the teams to explore and hunt in different part of the world. Depending the time allocated by the client, we can customize the event to have 3 – 8 Hunt Trails in a single event. This means you get to travel to various countries from the comfort of your office or house.

Using The Google Map An easy to navigate google map will be linked to the trails. Here the participants just need to click to land on the Virtual Location and start to hunt for the clues. All interesting towns and cities are coded in our Google Maps for our participants to have an amazing experience.

Solving The Cryptic Clues Every clues are carefully crafted for every team member to contribute the answer. The teams will be tested on various topics based on the existing Virtual Signage when exploring the mystery location. Every navigation in the coded Google Map will be super thrilling and hilarious. Normally each trail will have 5 to 10 clues to be answered. You need to solve each clue before proceeding to next.

Customization We can customize the level of difficulties , language (English Or Bahasa Malaysia) and event time according to the requirements of our clients. We can also incorporate your organization’s values as part of this event.


This is just not another Online Treasure Hunt – Virtual Team Hunt is a combination of various types of Virtual Team Building Activities incorporated in this event. Team will have amazing team work, enhance communication skills and there will be total team engagement. Besides the Virtual Treasure Hunt , the participants will experience a great Team Bonding in the company.



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