Benefits of Virtual Team Hunt

Virtual Team Hunt is the World’s First hybrid online Team Building & Treasure Hunt event. This is a highly engaging Team event for corporate organisation, associations, membership based groups and schools. Virtual Team Hunt is the first ever online activity that combines interactive team building games and real time Treasure Hunt.


FGNC Events will conduct a detailed briefing prior to the Virtual Event. Sample clues and live demo will be done during this tutorial. This will make sure all the participants will have a clear understanding how the event is conducted. Besides these, we will also provide step by step guides on how to enjoy the event by all participants.

On the event day

As this is a fully facilitated event, FGNC Virtual Team will manage the entire event from the start to the end. There will also be an active Call Center and Helpline throughout the event to support the participants.

Getting Started

Once all teams are ready, the Hunt Master will publish the QR Code and Virtual Hunt Link. Upon scanning the QR code or clicking the link – the participants can immediately join in the Virtual Hunt.

Let The Hunt Begin

This is where the excitement starts – The link will lead them to a mystery location in Google Maps and it could be at any part of the world. Now the participants will log in to the Google Forms and based on the Virtual Hunt Clues, they will start exploring hunt to solve the cryptic clues and answer it in the forms.


This is just not another Online Treasure Hunt – Virtual Team Hunt is a combination of various types of Virtual Team Building Activities incorporated in this event. Team will have amazing team work, enhance communication skills and there will be total team engagement. Besides the Virtual Treasure Hunt, the participants will experience a great Team Bonding in the company.

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