How Does FGNC Events Virtual Treasure Hunt Works?

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The 1st Ever Hybrid Event Virtual Treasure Hunt & Virtual Team Building

With social distancing measures being taken around the globe, we at FGNC Events Group made a platform shift from being primarily in-person events, to almost exclusively virtual and interactive remote team virtual scavenger hunt events. Virtual Team Hunts or virtual treasure hunts are a great way to keep members of a community connected with each other when face-to-face gatherings aren’t possible. This will be a highly interactive virtual team-building activity for remote workers located in different parts of the world or in office employees who cannot socialize physically. This will be a new and unique way to keep team members engaged while working from home or event at work.


Join the Virtual Hunt, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Can be participated remotely from any location.
  • Event can be activated any day and any time chosen by the clients.
  • Can be participated up to 1000 participants in a single event.
  • Ideal team size 4-5 members per team.

Device Friendly & Safe

  • Works effectively and easily on any device.
  • For a better viewing and hunting experience, laptops, tablets and PC recommended.
  • No downloads of any foreign applications for security reason.
  • Very minimum usage of internet data.

Easy to Participate & Use

  • A simple to use methodology is customized to organize this event.
  • It is totally safe in terms technology and can be easily adopted in any environment.
  • Teams can use any conferencing platform like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Meet, WebEx or others which is allowable in clients workplace.

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Virtual Team Hunt is the World’s First hybrid online Team Building & Treasure Hunt event. This is a highly engaging Team event for corporate organisation, associations, membership based groups and schools. Virtual Team Hunt is the first ever online activity that combines interactive team building games and real time Treasure Hunt. Check out the video below.